I’m Building – What Cable do I need.

I have been involved in many building projects over the years and it is always interesting to see what people install when they have the best opportunity to do so. I have also worked in the commercial installation industry in security, audio, telephone and data networking. I can tell you from experience that installing cables during the building process is Quicker, Neater and Cheaper.

So what things should I be thinking about when I start a new building Project.

The cable is cheaper than the labour that it takes to get it installed. So by far it is best to install it when the walls and ceiling are open rather than paying someone later to spend a lot more time cutting holes in your new building to put in cables that you forgot about. Even if you end up putting in more cables that you will ever use, It is likely to still be cheaper.

Think big! You may never have used your venue for a large production or event before but if it is likely in the future thinking about it now will make it easier to move in that direction. A flexible building is a valuable building.

Think about safety. Look at where all of your doors and thoroughfares are and try to ensure that at any point in the facility, you can run a cable to its plug on the wall without crossing a walkway or door.

Make sure you check what the regulations are in your council area. The rules vary from place to place and is dependant on the classification of use. Most cables need to be installed to a specific standard but the standars can vary.

Forget about the money at first and get all of the ideas on paper, cost them up and prioratise them. Then you can cross out the lowest priority things until it fits your budget.

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