Cable Installations

Cable Installations

It s not often that you get the opportunity to upgrade your cable infrastructure, so when such an opportunity does arise, don’t risk it, call us to help you work through it.

Whether you are renovating an existing facility, building a new building, or maybe you are getting a trench run between two buildings, leveraging the opportunity to upgrade your cabling infrastructure will most definitely be cheaper than retrofitting it in later.

We can assist you with cabling for all of your Audio, Visual, Networking and Communications needs. We can provide consultancy services to review and comment on your existing building plans, or we can plan and install the cabling for you. We can even run a Working Bee format that will leverage your own staff or volunteers to reduce your labour costs.

We are ACMA Registered cablers with Aerial, Underground, Structured, Coax and Fibre endorsements which means we are capable of specifying and installing any type of communications cabling.

We have the tools and test equipment to install, test and verify Audio cables, Analog and Digital Video cabling, Cat5e and Cat6 structured cabling systems, Fibre Optic cables, and RF or Video based Coax cabling. We can also install and test induction loops and DMX cables.