WiFi Solutions

WiFi Solutions

unifi-overviewIs your wifi not performing as well as you would like? Are you still just installing Access points from the local computer store hoping that they will do the job?

For a while now, installing a wifi network was Childs Play, You just buy the Access Points and plug them in and everything will be fine. Right? Well it was like that, but now there are so many access point and so many devices that a more strategic approach is needed.

Did you know that most domestic Access Points can only support a small number of clients? If your wifi is not performing, how do you know if it is interference, or if it is just overloaded? How do you plan a wifi network that will give you the coverage and performance that you need?

At Ministry of Tech we have the specialised tools to analyse the wifi networks in your area, and to plan and deploy wifi networks that can support many users and cover large areas. We can design a solution that allows you to know how your network is performing and leaves you in control.

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