These days your church, school or campsite needs projectors that are able to project crisp, clear and bright images. High resolution projectors that are able to perform in higher ambient lighting and with higher resolutions, need not be expensive.

At Ministry of Tech, we have the experience to advise on what specifications are needed for any given environment. We use ambient light meters, and calculators to determine what projector you will need for your screen size in your environment.

We can also supply and install screens to suit your environment. Motorised screens and fixed screens are popular choices for church, school or campsites.

Choosing the right projector screen

Motorised screens are the new norm, and they are convenient because they are able to be rolled away when not in use.This helps to protect them from ball games and it can be automatic if installed correctly with the right projector.

But if your environment does not have a risk of damage from ball games and the like, then a fixed screen is a great alternative. The fixed screen is neater and cleaner because it does not have a canister that hides the rolled up screen. The fixed screen also does not need power which will simplify installation and reduce cost.

So if your church uses the screen all the time, then consider a fixed screen installation.

We can also design your complete solution, including video converters, video mixing solutions and connecting your existing or new sound systems.

Are you just trying to find a projector with higher numbers in the specifications hoping that it will do the job? Why not call us and we can help you select the right projector for the job.