PA Systems

PA Systems

At Ministry of Tech, selecting the right equipment for your application is very important.

We have access to great brands such as Electro-Voice, TurboSound, Behringer and Sennheiser with price points that will give you the quality that you need without breaking the bank.

PA Systems can be simple mixer-amps with ceiling speakers suitable for dining rooms or foyers providing the ability to make announcements and playing background or foreground music and are also suitable for small multi-media applications.

Portable systems are suitable for church plants that are using school halls or maybe as a system that can be hired to guest groups in Camp and Conference centres. These systems range from a single powered speaker on a stand with a single microphone, through to multiple powered speakers, powered subs, and mixers that can cater for a whole band.

Installed systems often use Passive speakers with Amplifiers installed back stage in a rack. Although using powered speakers in this situation is perfectly viable, it is often more suitable to have all of your powered devices housed together in a rack.

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