This page lists links and details of our compliance and accreditations and Insurance details. This page should help you obtain copies of any accreditations, references to our licenses, or registrations, and certificates of currency for our insurance.

If any of the resources on this page are out of date or there are details that you cannot find here then please contact us to have them updated and/or forwarded through.

Public & Professional Indemnity insuranceCertificate of Currency

Good in Transit Insurance

Workers CompensationCertificate of Currency

Child Protection Child Safe Policy
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Our Child Safe Page

Privacy PolicyOur Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy Page

TIO Membership Membership Page
Complaints Escalation Process

NBN Accredited AdviserMinistry of Tech Representatives have undertaken a short course on the nbn™ broadband access network. nbn does not sponsor, endorse or guarantee any advice given or representations made (including any recommendations to purchase goods and services or purchase telecommunication services over the nbn™ access network from a particular phone or internet service provider) and does not guarantee the accuracy of that advice or representation.

ACMA Registered CablerRegistration T00202

Ministry of Tech staff are trained and qualified to carry out work on telecommunication cabling systems. We hold accreditations for Underground, Aerial, Coaxial, Structured Cabling Systems and Fibre Optic Cabling.

SecurityNSW Master License 000104743
Class 2BC – 000243546

Ministry of Tech (trading under Argyle Security and Surveillance) holds a Master Security Licence M/L 104743, and our installers are Class 2BC licensed to sell security equipment and as Security Equipment Specialists.

General Construction InductionMinistry of Tech staff have met the requirements of national Work Health and Safety General Construction Induction Training.

Provide First AidMinistry of Tech staff are trained to Provide First Aid, Provide Basic Emergency Life Support and to Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Working at HeightsMinistry of Tech staff are trained and qualified to carry out work safely at heights, supervise workers, prepare rescue plans and participate in first response rescue of a fallen worker.

Operate Elevated Work PlatformsMinistry of Tech staff are trained and qualified to operate elevating work platforms under 11m. 

Operate Forklift TrucksMinistry of Tech staff are licensed to perform high risk work involving the operation of Forklift Trucks. 

Radiation Hazard Awareness
Ministry of Tech staff have completed RF EME Awareness Training and are competent in working in RF Resticted areas.

Asbestos AwarenessMinistry of Tech staff have completed Asbestos Awareness Training and are competent in working and and around asbestos and asbestos containing materials.

Mould Hazard Awareness Training (MHA)Ministry of Tech staff have completed Mould Hazard Awareness Training and are competent is working in areas with a high concentration of Mould.