Connecting your church office computer to a network.

Today I am going to look at setting up a computer network for your church office.

This is a general discussion and a “How To” will be posted titled “How to set up your church office network”. In fact I will create two “How To’s” one to create a local area network and another for connecting it to the Internet, But that is later.

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I’m Building – What Cable do I need.

I have been involved in many building projects over the years and it is always interesting to see what people install when they have the best opportunity to do so. I have also worked in the commercial installation industry in security, audio, telephone and data networking. I can tell you from experience that installing cables during the building process is Quicker, Neater and Cheaper.

So what things should I be thinking about when I start a new building Project.

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Cabling for offices and small meeting rooms

If you are embarking on a new building project, take some time to really think about how the electrical and networking will work for you. It’s best to get it right now even if it costs a fraction more. Below are some of my thoughts to help get you started.

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