Website and Email hosting Advice

There are many website hosting providers out there that offer hosting, design and email, and the prices vary significantly. So what do you need for your ministry?

We can help you understand the difference between the many variants out there and help you navigate the technical jargon that surrounds them. We can help you evaluate value and cost benefits.

Some companies will offer you techno-jargon that you can’t possibly understand at affordable rates, and others will tell you that you don’t need all that and you just need to pay them (lots of money) to manage it for you.

We can help you understand your own requirements and how they would relate to the technical requirements of various solutions to meet those needs. This is the only sure way you you to objectively select the best solution for your organisation.

Call us and we will help.


Shared cPanel hosting is great for small organisations that just need to host a static website or Wordpress site, and low volume email. The cPanel interface gives you control to manage your domain and email needs leaving you in control of your hosting in a simple, easily understood console.


VPS hosting gives your organisation much more control and would suit larger organisations that have multiple domains, websites or need much higher volumes of storage or data transfer needs. The VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and is just like having your own server but without the headache of hardware failures.


Amazon Web Services hosting becomes viable when your organisation has larger traffic volumes or large storage needs. If your website is designed correctly, AWS can scale up when you need it to meet the demand, and back down again at other times to save you money. If your site needs to be performant and rock solid, AWS is the way to go.


office365 and googleapps for Business will take your email to the next level of collaboration. The benefits of centrally managed email, shared calendars and automated distribution lists will allow you to get on with ministry. Hosted Exchange offer special rates for approved NFP’s and Google offers a free service for small quantities of mailboxes.