Our Solutions

Wireless Networking
We can design and install a cost-effective wireless networking solution that will offer performance and control. Attractive indoor access points, powerful outdoor access points and central control and monitoring of the whole system. If you are building a wireless network for your staff, it needs to be reliable and constantly available. If you are providing wifi access to your guests, then it also needs to be capable of handling the load that today’s users will bring into your premises.
Guest Internet
If you want to provide internet access to your guests, then you need control. You need to know:

  • That your guests cant blow your ISP’s download limit
  • That you can kick off a guest if they are abusing your system.
  • which of your guests have access (ie teachers but not students)
  • That the rest of your network is safe from the prowling eyes of users.
  • That your neighbors are not leaching your internet instead of buying their own.

A wireless gateway will give you the control you need. Talk to us about how we can integrate a wifi gateway into your wireless network for a truly professional result.

Phone Systems
Often, the greatest impact to people just learning about your ministry is experienced before you know that they are interested. It happens when they call your phone number.Too often these calls go unanswered, are almost permanently answered by an answering machine or are left to ring for ages before being answered by a frustrated staff member in the kitchen trying to serve 130 meals. Sound like your place? Then talk to us about how we can improve your image at the telephone. Systems, automated attendant, mobile extensions VoIP, voice-mail to your email and many more features.
Sound and Lighting Systems
From church systems to conference centers, large or small, we can design a sound system that will fit your need and budget. Sound systems, video and data projection, theater lighting and paging are all in our repertoire.