We know that your ministry or business is what you know best, but sometimes it seems that the world today demands that you are a technology expert too. Well, we are here to help! We believe that the right advice can only be obtained through a thorough understanding of the end need. We also understand that the end need is all about your ministry of business and NOT about the technology. Call us and we will help you make the right choice for your need.

We don’t mind if you are just trying to get that DVD connected to the projector, or you need to recommend to your board a campus-wide wifi solution – give us a call, we would love to help.


IT Planning
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! It is an old saying but it is true. As your use of technology grows, you will become dependent on it every day. Planning your technology updates, expansions and upgrades ahead of time will help you to maximise the result that you get for every dollar that you spend. Talk to us about how we can help you create your Technology Plan.



Strategic Direction
Just as planning is important for getting the most out of your existing technology, Strategic planning can help you or your board put into place an organisation-wide direction that is deliberate about how various technologies could, should, or in some cases, should not be adopted. The strategic planning process will emphasise the interdependence on your organisations ministry goals and technology.